Toprak Company

The Toprak Company has started its commercial activity since 2010 by Mr. Hassan Malekpour and in accordance with the country’s needs to import domestic sanitary and kitchen equipment in this field, it has started its activity and has been able to produce its products with superior quality as compared to similar products in the domestic market. Toprak tried to meet part of the daily needs of the country’s construction industry by importing various luxury goods. Our professional distribution network was able to cater to domestic markets with the highest level of global standards. After US sanctions and the increase in the price of foreign currencies and the company’s operations cost, and after years of imports in various fields, the company decided to put production in Iran on its table and in 2017 decided to build a factory in the industrial town of Baharestan, Karaj. In a short time, Toprak was able to build a production line of aluminum and steel trims and tile adhesive. Today Toprak is one of the first in Iran with the production of these construction products.

Aluminum Profiles

Toprak aluminum corner strips come in 2.5 m long branches and 12 mm size and all colors are anodized. Tile corner strips have different shapes and cross sections. A common and best-selling example of them is the ninety-degree angle. Strips with a ninety-degree cross section are made at a ninety-degree angle edge.

Steel U-Profiles

Common usage is between tile, ceramic, stone, wood, and plaster surfaces, which can be used as horizontal and vertical strips. This product can be used to replace the straps between the mentioned surfaces. This product increases durability, visual beauty and strength in interior design and architecture. Toprak steel wicks are made of 304 stainless steel fabric and have the entire color range of steel. Steel U-profiles are also used to create a distinctive design to separate different types of matched and non-matched wall and floor materials. Due to the unique design, shape and thickness of this profile, it can be used with any type of material.

New Products


Steel corner strip is one of the building materials that is used for tiles, ceramics, door frames, sharp edges of walls. Steel tile trim is used in various cases and places such as homes, hospitals, schools, etc., which give beauty and maintain safety. In this article, we will get acquainted with stainless steel corner strips and types of stainless-steel corner strips, their features and purchase.
Contemporary interior design emphasizes the transfer of rounded edges. For this purpose, Toprak has designed a round corner aluminum tile strip that can protect the edge of the ceramic tile and increase the sense of beauty. It emphasizes the language of gentle design instead of traditional stone plastic materials.
Surface steel corner strips are used for different environments and have many applications, which makes surface corner strips useful for different purposes to be produced in different types. Types of surface corner strips can be categorized according to their material, color and design.